Do you think healthcare can be “sustainable”?



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    This depends on what you mean by “sustainable.” There is a school of thought that believes the current helthcare model is bad, since it encourages the use of new drugs the body hasn’t adapted to, instead of natural drugs that may be less harmful, which is believed to be more sustainable than the current system.

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    Yes.  The healthcare industry could “go green” in a sense by digitally revitalizing their hospitals.  This includes having an  online database of patient files, instead of having files with millions of sheets of papers in them sit dormant in cabinets.  Prescriptions can be sent to a pharmacy online, eliminating the need to use an Rx pad.  Going digital would not only benefit the environment by reducing paper consumption, it would also help improve hospital efficiency and patient satisfaction.  If patients were able to have access to their records online at all times, these files could be sent between hospitals and clinics instead of the patient having to fill out the same family history form every time he/she sees a new doctor.  

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