Do you think the Gulf spill will forever change the oil drilling industry?



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    Definitely.  There will now be even more outcry against offshore drilling, and more evidence as to why it shouldn’t be done.  There are going to be tremendous restrictions put on those new drilling systems, and most likely modifications are going to have to be put on the already existing systems.  No one wants something like this to happen again, so people are going to be extrememely tentative going forward with drilling to try and prevent it.

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    No one wants something like this to happen again, but Americans’ consumptive habits are such that there is no viable, significant alternative to oil exploration in the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico. If we (USA) want oil, that’s the main place we have available to get more domestically. More scrutiny is likely to be focused on oil operations but there are not likley to be any significant changes in operations.

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