Do you think that green weddings will ever be the norm?



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    Sadly no. Weddings are about extravagance and being over the top for The Big Day. A lot people believe they can put aside things like sustainable living once in a while for big parties. Hopefully it will become popular to not only have the biggest most extravagant wedding but also the most green/eco friendly.

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    Yes – it’s getting better all the time!  We’ve worked with about 30,000 couples over the past 15 years who wanted to green some part of their wedding. Weddings are about love, family and celebration, so there will always be a lush aspect to weddings. But, couples are making really good choices. The economy is actually making couples try to reduce waste. 

    According to a Brides mag poll, 45% of today’s couples intend to green some aspect of their wedding.

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    I think they will become popular over time. Everyone and everything is becoming green. As soon as one movie or music star makes a green wedding, it will become trendy. It will take off and everyone will want one. Will it last? That I can’t tell yah. 

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