Do you think that green roofs are becoming more popular throughout the world?



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    According to an increase in Internet searches for green roofs, they are on the rise. The study of these searches was in 2009 and it proved that people are becoming more aware and interested in the benefits of green roofs. Estimates were made around common general roofing terms and green roofing terms. It was discovered that in November 2009 the increase in the search for general roofing terms only increased by 51% compared to the 155% increase for green roof terms.

    The benefits of green roofs are economical as well as great for the environment. They help prevent flooding, erosion and sewer system overloads as well as managing storm water more efficiently. Green roofs also outlast regular roofs saving homeowners money in the long term.

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    I’m persuaded by you.I’ll recommend this advanced idea to my friends.

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    Green roofs are becoming more popular for flat roof applications in larger cities. The idea of gaining added insulation value, reducing the carbon footprint and improved drainage of the particular building is tempting to building owners.

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