Do you think that green people are educated?



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    In my opinion, to be “green” takes a certain amount of awareness of global and environmental problems and/or an appreciation for the environment that is not inherent. Although it does not take any formal education to be an environmentalist, it requires a degree of enlightment. So, being “green” is essentially proof of being educated (depending on how you want to look at things).

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    While the environmental movement has certainly become much more mainstream, it is absolutely correlated to education level. Now it’s never fair to assume somebody is more or less educated based on their beliefs — but the statistics are what they are. Slide 11 of the link points out that personal education is a well-known and well-accepted correlate to environmentalism. I can’t cite it, but it’s also something we discussed extensively as part of my wildlife management courses for my Wildlife Biology major. This is probably changing a bit, but there’s a definite correlation (which isn’t absolute proof of causation). It also makes intuitive sense: you need to know a bit more about how the world works and fits together to truly appreciate environmentalism.

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    To be green you need to be educated on the topics that allow you the title of being green. But you do not need to be professionally educated with a degree to be considered green. The individuals who are pressing the green movement forward are probably highly educated people.

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    I don’t think being green makes someone any smarter than the next person, but an environmentalist does need to have some level of knowledge about the state of the planet today.  A green person also needs to know a little about the history of the planet, the history of environmental politics and legislation, and current environmental hot button issues.  It’s also very important to know the science behind natural processes and global warming.  

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