Do you think that the green movement was losing momentum before the oil spill?



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    I don’t think the green movement was losing momentum before the oil spill.  I feel that people who were very involved in the movement from the beginning were still very passionate about it.  I do feel, however, that the green movement has gained supporters since the oil spill.  Many people are beginning to see how crucial it is that our society finds alternative energy sources.  Oil not only pollutes our water, but also our air and land.  Because oil spills are easier to see in water than in air, it has become blatantly obvious what a disaster oil actually is as an energy source.

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    I think, much like jenlkinney stated, that the people who are passionate about being green are gaining momentum, especially since the oil spill. I think that there’s a bit of a divide between those who are green, and those who either don’t care, or think that it’s exaggerated. This gap has been widening lately, I think, in that the people who don’t care are caring less, but the people who do care are caring more. The oil spill, though a terrible thing, is helping to decrease that divide, because it’s something that cannot be exaggerated, and neither can it be ignored. So, all in all, I think we’re moving in the right direction, albeit slowly.

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    I think in some ways yes and some ways no. For instance, with the economy in terrible shape people begin to think more about themselves. They could care less about the environment because they only care about their own survival (in some ways rightfully so). On the other hand, after Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, the environmental movement took off and looks to keep gaining momentum ever since. So in essence, I think it was at a stead rate before the oil spill. 

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    This is a tough question to answer — I think the oil spill sparked a lot of concern about the environment.  Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a huge tragedy for people to start caring about something.  I do think that the green movement was losing momentum before the spill because there actually was the spill in the first place.  I know accidents happen, but if the green movement was operating on all cylinders, we would have banned offshore drilling by now, or at least limited it. 

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    No, the green movement has been increasing since the United Nations released a report by scientists around the world about the reality of global warming. Almost everyone I know suddenly appeared in smaller vehicles, and brought compost down to my barrel composter and even developers began to win prizes for their green buildings. Ocean acidification was known a short time before th spill – but it has become even more known now the spill has created dead zones.

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