Do you think that green living has made keeping up with the Jones’ worse?



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    No. In my opinion, green living is about simplifying our lives, and thinking about what we really need, in addition to looking for eco-friendly alternatives. And, even though there may be pressure to be “greener” than your neighbor (if this is what you are suggesting), there isn’t the same emphasis on accumulation of material goods that is so vital to the “Joneses” mentality. 

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    Yes and no, it is certainly an adjustment is needed to change ones ways as with everything else. Living a green lifestyle is becomine more commonplace and it is easier to keep up with the Joneses.

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    I agree with ssaran. The idea of ‘keeping up with the Jones’ is a mentality of who can get best of the best–and the most of it. Greener living is a way of sifting through what is and is not necessary to live. Where the Jones’ represent excess, green living is minimalistic. Overall if there ever were to be this type of being-greener-than-your-neighbor attitude, it may be a good type of competition. 

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