Do you think that green jobs are more rewarding?



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    I would say that yes, green jobs are more rewarding.  As a recently graduated master’s student who studied sustainability and corporate social responsibility, my opinion may be a little skewed, but allow me to just explain why I chose that program over other MBA-esque programs.  Sustainability and corporate social responsibility allowed me to expand my horizons by entering the business world with a focus I can feel personally satisfied about.  Specifically regarding green jobs, it’s comforting to know that while conducting whatever business you’re going about doing, you’re also contributing to the potential future of other generations by taking into consideration the environmental bottom line as well as the economic bottom line.  I think this adds to job satisfaction as your work is being conducted responsibly and for the benefit of a larger group of people than just you or your organization.  I hope that answer helps!

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    I agree. In addition to the answer by guyonthewing, there are a lot of intrinsic and explicit benefits to working in a ‘greener’ and more sustainable business. Apart from those previously mentioned, there are also many big businesses that offer rewards to those employees who make greener decisions. Google, for example, offers discounts and rewards to those employees who bike, walk, or use some other self-powered means of getting to work. Patagonia allows its employees to leave and work for an environmental project while keeping full pay and benefits in their absence. Bank of America reimburses its employees up to $3,000 when they decide to purchase a hybrid vehicle. For more employers who offer green incentives, please reference the site attached.  

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    I do think that green jobs are more rewarding. I try to be as green as possible in my own job, even though it is not necessarily considered to be a green job. Any steps towards conserving, recycling, and protecting the environment is beneficial. If a job encourages this, it is even better. It makes you feel good about your impact on the environment. 

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    I think that any job that makes you feel good about yourself is the most rewarding. People have different principles that bring them joy; they have different measures of success. I think green jobs are very rewarding for those that have them, in my experience these people feel that their time and energy is put towards a worthy cause. This gives them a personal satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment, and well deserved I would say. There are very few noble professions anymore, and working towards saving the environment is a constant uphill battle. In addition, many people working these green jobs are not making a small fortune. They have made a conscious choice to put their energy into a collective effort that positively effects the environment and the whole population, instead of taking a job in which they could make more money for themselves. I feel the same respect towards people who choose to go into professions like nursing, social work, teaching and non-profits (just to name a few, obviously there are more). I think they also get a rewarding feeling from their jobs, which is why they have chosen that path. 

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    I certainly think that if someone was passionate about green issues and felt compelled to make a difference in that way, a green job would certainly be more rewarding than another job.  In my experience, the amount of reward someone feels they get from a job comes from how much they care about what they’re doing.  It’s truly hard to say what would be “more rewarding” for each person because each person is going to feel passionately about different issues.  I do personally feel that a job that gives back in some way and works to make the world a better place are definitely rewarding – for some, a green job may be along that path.

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    I think that the most rewarding job is the job that a person is well-suited for, and enjoys. For instance, being an environmental scientists might be rewarding, but people who aren’t passionate about science might not think so. And I also agree with the posters who said that it depends on how much a person cares about being green. Unfortunately, many people still don’t appreciate the importance of living in an environmentally friendly manner. However, I think that if you do care about the environment and find a position that unites your passions with eco-friendliness, it would be more rewarding.

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    You ask “more rewarding” but what are you comparing this to? Just any other job? Because what about doctors, nurses, and other people who save lives or help change them for the better. Can we really say what is more rewarding or just have an opinion on exactly how rewarding our green job is, 

    As an avid member of Green Answers, and business owner who pays special attention to be green as possible, I’d say it is rewarding to know we are being good for the environment. But to some partners, they really don’t care if we’re green or not. They just want the product done right and well. 

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