Do you think a green economy could ever be more powerful than one built around fossil fuels?



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    I think a country that is based on renewable energy is a very realistic future. The technology is there, it is just a matter of making it a priority. It would take a lot of work to become completely free from our dependence on fossil fuels, but once we did, the rewards would be great. 

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    Yes, absolutely.  The way we produce energy is a means to the exact same end: power, electricity, energy.  The only reason we still depend on fossil fuels is because there is still money to be made using them.  The rich and powerful and still getting rich on their product, oil.  We have figured out so many ways to use oil that we have found ourselves depending on it.  There is great potential in alternative energies and fuels, and we need only to promote and fund these projects to have them incorporated more thoroughly in our lines of production.  There needs to be a more even balance in energy and fuel production.  We cannot be so dependent on single sources, especially when the sources are so dirty, outdated, and detrimental to our earth.

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    Our dependance on fossil fuels is a thorn in the side of our economy. Fossil fuels are not only a huge source of pollution, but they take million of years to form. We are burning them up at a rate that cannot be sustained and eventually we will have to move towards renewable sources of energy. With fossil fuels, our economy depends on importing a lot of oil to power our country. With renewable energy, there is the opportunity to produce our own energy, lowering our dependance on other countries. 

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