Do you think that Governor Schwarzenegger left a green legacy in California?



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    Some environmentalists would argue that, no, Governor Schwarzenegger made decisions that negatively impacted particularly the aquatic ecosystems. The populations of chinook and coho salmon decreased during his administration, as he allocated more water for corporate agriculture than he did for rivers. A number of fish kills throughout the Delta also occurred during his administration, resulting again from decisions that favored agribusiness over the ecosystem.

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    Former Governor Schwarzenegger is known to be a huge supporter for climate change legislation. He was part of the effort in creating AB 32, now a California law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through cap and trade, technological control and other methods. To this date, it is one of the strongest climate change legislation anywhere in the US and possible the world. Although the neither implementation has not come full-blown nor results have been produced, he left the state with a huge task to carry on for many years to come, while trying to fix other big problems. Nonetheless, he pushed California to be a climate change leader. 

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