Do you think that the government will try to tax the electricity to charge EV’s like they do for gasoline?



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    Eventually, yes. I think that it would be best to implement a fair road tax for all vehicles based on their weight and how far they travel. Since heavier vehicles do more damage to the road, heavy lead-acid electric cars would be taxed more heavily than lithium-ion electric cars. I think that this is a completely fair way to do things, especially since the electricity to run an electric car costs a lot less than gasoline. We should all do our part to pay for the maintenance of our roads, and the current gasoline tax system is outdated. I also think that bicyclists like myself should pay a small road tax. Since bicycles do not weigh much and don’t damage the road as much as heavy cars, the tax would be small, but simply the fact of us paying it would help drivers recognize that bicyclists have a right to the road, too.

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