Do you think going green really helps the environment?



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    Yes. Going green can help the environment alot. When you use and buy green products you can actually reduce the energy efficient use in factories. It reduces carbon emission that releases it into the environment by buying natural products. Especially when you buy produtcs that take too much energy to make. Most things you can do to help the environment is to buy organic, ride a bike, recycle, grow  garden, join an environmental group and change standard lightbulbs to flouorescent ones. Hope this helps! 

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    I believe every effort, big or small, to go green helps the environment. I also believe that your actions have the power to influence others to change their lifestyle. Hopefully, in time, small lifestyle changes will lead to cultural and law reform. Sometimes it feels like a lost cause, but you never know unless you try. 

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    Absolutely! It can also help you as well. As jchang14 mentioned, riding a bike, growing a garden, and using fluorescent light bulbs are three things that you can do. These things will save you money in addition to benefiting the planet. Plus, growing a garden and riding a bike will improve your health. Both activities will help you get exercise, and gardening will also provide you with healthy food. So, it’s a win-win situation!

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