Do you think that GMO fish should be banned?



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    While there is no hard evidence available yet that suggests GMO fish could harm humans I don’t believe that is reason enough to make it accessible to open markets. Despite lack of concrete evidence there are still major concerns that have been brought up related to GMO fish. One major concern is that GMO fish could cause antibiotic resistance development.

    I think it is also to look at other GMO foods and what has changed from their natural state. If you look at GMO chickens for instance, chickens have gotten much fatter than their natural bred cousins.

    The lean production and “Manufacturing” of our food supply has caused farmers to try and raise the livestock as quickly as possible and get it to the market. I for one believe we do need to ban GMO development in fish and all foods.

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    On earth, yes. However, I would not be opposed to GMO fish (or anything else for that matter) if we colonized a planet without life. Our planet has a vibrant and exciting ecosystem which should be allowed to develop naturally. By introducing strange creatures, we could upset the balance and ruin things before we know what hit us. The problem with genetically modified organisms is that they may wind up dominating the other species and put a crimp in the natural evolutionary processes.

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