Do you think that global warming is getting more, less or just the right amount of attention and why?



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    Thousands of answers to this. I suspect your teacher wants YOUR view, not ours.

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    The amount of attention is different than the type of attention — I think global warming is getting plenty of shallow attention in pop culture, but not the thorough understanding that would be necessary for the populace to take the theory to heart and actually change their daily behavior profoundly. Global warming is also portrayed as a theory in contention because of the false equality implied by many news broadcasts that cite climate doubters, which hinders it from truly influencing our way of thinking.

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    In my opinion, global warming is not getting enough serious attention. Many still doubt the severity that global warming can have to Earth and to our lives, and although many businesses have found ways to incorpoate more green into their products and manufacturing processes, it seems to be more of a marketing plea than a real desire to help stop global warming.

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