Do you think global warming could trigger the next mass extinction?



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    addressed by many previous answers

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    It’s not impossible. As the climate changes, all species of life will have to adapt. This includes birds, insects, vegetation, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, fungi, and anything I might be forgetting. If these species are not able to adapt, or if their food source is not able to adapt, or if a virus mutates and invades their species which is happening due to climate change, then the chances are increased that the species could go extinct. You will probably find more detailed outlines of research in the previous questions search.

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    Some would argue that we are already on the brink of the net mass extinction. Scientists at the International Program on the State of the Ocean have been studying the ocean for several months and believe that a combination of global warming, acidification, and anoxia are leading the next mass extinction, which will occur mostly in the water. Global warming not only makes it harder for many species, especially coral, to survive but it also provides ideal growth conditions for organisms like bacteria and algae that quickly deprive the ocean of much-needed oxygen.

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