Do you think that global warming could eventually kill us off?



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    It depends on how long we let it go unchecked, in my opinion.  If the temperature increases by 6 degrees then yes, I think there’s a decent chance.  

    Even if the temperature increases by only two or three degrees, global warming is almost certain to cause extreme weather, food shortages and loss of inhabitable land, which will lead to wars and refugees -all of which will cause death. However, there are so many humans on the planet at the moment that even if global warming is absolutely devastating, I think SOME pockets of humanity will survive -even if only a very few. However, I’d bet their quality of life will be very different from what we know now.  

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    Novelist  and environmental scientist James Lovelock believes that the Earth, in an effort to cleanse itself and return to equilibrium, will succumb to the effects of global warming and climate change and enter a coma period for 100,00 years. With the increase in temperature and the rate of glacial melting, it is likely that human life could be destroyed. If we take drastic steps to change our methods of consumption, it is likely that we could overcome these perils. Lovelock doesn’t believe we can however.

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    It will probably be the lack of food, water and energy that will kill us, and not exactly the increasing temperatures. As the climate changes and the food and water resources become more unpredictable, and as the population increases, the chance of famine and widespread starvation also increases. Also, as the water resources become unpredictable, that impacts irrigation and supply. Finally, as the fossil fuel energy resources dwindle production and distribution of food, water, and medication will become more difficult, leading to further decreased health and availability of necessary supplies for survival. 

    This is a very long-term trajectory, though, and the opportunities exist for transition into new practices and techniques that will enable survival. I think that a mass extinction of humanity is highly unlikely. A population decrease, perhaps, but not extinction.

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