Do you think global sustainability is attainable?



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    I would hope so! I, personally, do not want a mass human die-off in certain areas of the world where population is unable to be sustained. The thing about sustainability, especially on the global level, is that is takes a lot of work. People in the nations that consume the most will have to be hit negatively by environmental changes before they really start to change their own behaviors.

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    I very much hope so.  It may be too idealistic, but I truly believe in the power of the individual to make positive changes in the world.  If enough of these individuals can find the strength and means to affect change, then we will definitely be on the road to global sustainability.  I don’t think one day we’ll all be able to say, ok now the world is completely sustainable, but I do think we can all do our part to make the world a better place. 

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    This is a very difficult thing to achieve. Where there is poverty, people will do just about anything to survive even if involves destroying ecosystems. If there were incentives for poor people in other countries to stop cutting down their forests, or to stop hunting rare species for food, then there is a chance of becoming globally sustainable. Tourism is often the only way to preserve natural sites in developing nations because it provides an incentive for the locals to preserve their surroundings. However, heres the kicker, tourism is by no means sustainable and planes are still not very efficient. 

    A sustainable world will be very difficult to achieve, but anything is possible 

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