Do you think that in the future we will relate BPA to chemicals like DDT?



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    I think it will depend on results of current and future studies that will determine just how dangerous it really is. As a chemical engineer, I see that the situation is different though. Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, or DDT for short, had pretty much a single use as a pesticide, so it was easy to phase out and replace. Bisphenol A, on the other hand, has many different applications in the chemical industry, with plastics and epoxy glues being just a few of the more common; that makes it a commodity chemical. As such, I think even if it proves to be sufficiently toxic, it will probably continue being removed from products one by one, such as how now manufacturers are stopping the use of it in items for babies and children. The danger also depends on the particular way BPA is used, so the end product may not easily leach or break down releasing BPA, if at all. These applications may remain.

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