Do you think in the future there will be more green prefabs than built homes?



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    Possibly. I think that the idea will catch on and people will begin to understand the sustainability of it. Prefab homes are an innovative idea, and I think people will be willing to adopt it for their own earth-conscious conscience.

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    I don’t think prefabricated homes will outpace traditional construction, but they will probably increase in popularity. There is still a large enough faction of people who want a typical suburban house and who will not support novel ideas like prefab homes. Luckily there are many other techniques that homeowners can employ to make their homes more efficient.

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    I do not think prefabs would be green. Each construction location will have its own special circumstances that would mean the homes would need to be adapted and adjusted. Just like how the types of renewable sources of energy resources are different for different parts of the country, the needs of a home to fit into the landscape will be different. LEED green building standards were updated this year to take into account regional differences such as water availability and materials availability. Read more about it in the link below.

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