Do you think the future of our world and the environment is a positive or negative one?



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    I think the future of our world and environment as it sits now is a negative one. I would not want to be in the shoes of my potential great-grandchild as the atmosphere could very well be uninhabitable by then at the rate pollution is still going. If people pride themselves on intelligence, understanding and social progress rather than the best way to make money then I think the future for our environment could be a positive one. However at this juncture I do not believe that is so.

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    I would like to believe that people will continue to change towards protecting the environment and we could believe in a positive outcome. However, at this point, there is so much careless destruction that the future looks bleak. The continued increase in population, the destruction of our forests and other natural resources, and obsessive consumerism is very bad for the environment. Efforts must be made immediately to change our habits and awareness or our future does not look very positive.

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    At the rate we are going, I think that it is negative.  Also though, I believe that we have the ability to change things for the better, I’m just not sure if that will actually ever happen.  If environmental activism really ever catches on though, it is possible that we may have a positive future.

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    Unfortunately, as it stands right now, I see a negative future. We are producing far too much waste, and running out of places to put it. This is especially true for nuclear waste. Our dependence on fossil fuels can only be sustained for so long, once we run out, thats it! And I often worry about that since we have put so little effort into finding alternatives. I supposed once it happens we will be forced to find new ways to run cars and such. I don’t know what it will take for people to start caring more, but it needs to happen soon for there to be a positive future. I really really hope there can be one, and believe that it is possible, so I will continue to do my part. 

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