Do you think Fred Upton would be a good chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee? Why or why not?

Also, what do you think about the other candidates like Barton, Shimkus and Stearns?



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    It depends on your views whether Fred Upton from Michigan’s 6th district will be a “good” Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. I certainly think he will be more fair-minded than Congressman Joe Barton who apologized to BP for their “treatment” after the Gulf Oil Spill. In his statement about energy issues Upton does support the development of alternative sources such as wind. He is a proponent of expanding nuclear power facilities. Upton wants to promote more environmental-friendly sources of energy in concert with more traditional sources such as coal and natural gas.

    I think Upton will be a more open-minded and less ideological chairman than Barton. John Shimkus (Illinois 9th) seems to be cut from the same cloth as Fred Upton and would also be a more productive chairman than Congressman Barton (Texas 6th).

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      Based on what I’ve read and seen regarding Shimkus, I disagree that he is more open-minded and less ideological. According to the video of him in the subcommittee meeting ( Shimkus is convinced global warming is not a threat to humans because that’s what God said in the bible. Not exactly the type of scientific based analysis I think we need to address modern energy problems. Just my two cents. 🙂

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      I am 100 percent wrong in the way I articulated Shimkus in comparison vis-a-vis Barton, who is basically a spokesperson for the oil industry. What I should have articulated better was that I believe Barton has more conviction for his beliefs and will be a strong chairman that will not let the dissenting view (scientific reasoning) impact the proceedings. On the other hand, I believe that Shimikus does not have the persona nor the political acumen to be a strong chairman and compromise and more environmentally friendly legislation can be produced if he were chairman. He is someone that environmental concerns can work around.
      Open-minded was the wrong description to use. Thank you for pointing out my mistake.

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    Fred Upton appears to be best choice of the candidates running right now. He is considered a “moderate” on environmental issues, which means he has voted both to promote renewable energy with tax credits and to continue subsidizing oil exploration. He voted against enforcing the Kyoto protocol, and also voted against reducing CO2 emissions. However, he is the only candidate running for chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee who has voted in favor of supporting the environment in anyway at all. In my opinion, he would do less harm to the environment than the other candidates, some of whom don’t believe in climate change at all. 

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