Do you think that food labels are a waste of time?



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    Absolutely not. Consumers should know what they are buying and what they are about to put into their bodies. Food labels are also crucial for people who may have allergies or any other dietary constrictions.

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    Not at all. Food labels communicate all sorts of mesages about the product, even subliminal ones. Labels usually represent a brand and all that it entails, including ingredients, processing methods, and quality. People tend to buy brands of products they are more familiar with rather than the cheaper brand they don’t know; so labels are definitely an important part of shopping on a fundamental level.

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    No. Excessive labels might be a bit annoying, but people need to know what they’re buying. Even though some food labels are quite abstract when they list the ingredients, it’s still has to be clearly understandable for the consumer. Food labels are especially important for people with allergies, who can not eat certain ingredients. 

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    Not even close! In fact, i spend a lot of time reading all the different labels to make sure I’m getting the best food item suited for me (or whatever the purpose is that i’m buying it for.)  Everytime I turn the object over, I think, “thank you, America, for requiring this.”


    It shouldn’t just stop there, though.  It should be a starting place.  A lot of times companies can skirt around on wording and deception comes into play. Go the extra step and take it upon yourself to understand what the labels are saying.

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