Do you think that Fisker or Tesla will be more successful?



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    Presuming a “Lamborghini vs Ferrari” situation doesn’t start up between them, Fisker has created a plug in hybrid, vs Tesla’s all electric car. Plug in hybirds ae more versatile, but how many people really buy sports cars for versatility? A sports car is designed to show off and go fast, so if that’s what you want, the Tesla is probably the sports car of choice. But electric cars are designed for versatility, and thats what the people who buy them often want, and the Fisker does a much better job of offering options. My money is on Fisker, but if they are both competent, I expect it will turn out to be a rivalry, without a clear winner.

    I hope this helped!

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    I personally think the Tesla is going be a more popular care. It is nicer looking and started before the Fisker. Telsa also just teamed up with BMW to start production at their plants pretty soon. Telsa is established in Europe and knows what they are doing.

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