Do you think that Fisker is going to be the most successful hybrid in America within a few years?



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    It will definitely have a lot of competition in that category.  Many big carmakers like Toyota and Honda are already leaders in the hybrid industry.  Although Fisker has a lot going for itself, it will take a vary revolutionary hybrid car and a lot of marketing efforts to help turn those stats around.  Also, big companies and startups are focusing their attention on fully electric cars which will also give the fisker a run for the money.

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    I wouldn’t say so, Fisker Karma model for instance is pretty much targeted at the luxury car category, which is out of reach for many. And since that is their first car, it could have some issues in the beginning as well as have problems with selling and thus making profit to finance the company’s existence. Today it is a very small company with less than 100 workers and being a plug in hybrid sport car, I don’t think we’ll see large scale adaption of Fisker cars in the near future. 

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