Do you think that Fisker is ever going to be bigger than Tesla?



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    It may all depend on how you measure “bigger”. Both companies have a halo car and are planning a most cost effective second offering. Each company has also secured a loan from the Department of Energy to be primarily used for the development of the new lower cost vehicle.

    Right now Tesla has a narrow lead with last year release of the Tesla Roadster. Currently there are approximately 700 of the all electric two door convertible roadsters on the road. A pre-production model of their next car has also already been developed, currently known as Model S.

    Side Note: Henrik Fisker was a design consultant for the initial concept of the Tesla Model S.

    Fisker Automotive currently has several pre-production versions of their Karma plug-in hybrid, four-door sedan. The sedan is on schedule to begin delivery during the Summer of 2010. They are also planning a lower cost vehicle currently known as “Project Nina” to be released in 2012.

    Each company is targeting a different market for now. Tesla has the early lead, however that lead could easily be made up once the production numbers move from hundreds to thousands.

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      I think that a lot of their success will rely heavily on their second offering. The model s and the project nina will both be more economically feasible for most Americans. It will be interesting to see who will be in the lead 5-10 years from now. I personally like the styling much better for the Fisker cars.

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    I personally think the Tesla is going be a more popular care. It is nicer looking and started before the Fisker. Telsa also just teamed up with BMW to start production at their plants pretty soon. Telsa is established in Europe and knows what they are doing. 

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