Do you think that farm raised fish is a good idea?



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    Hmm. This sounds like a question for a school paper. 😉 

    There are many pros and cons to fish farming. It’s a “good idea” in the sense that it’s economically unavoidable, at this point.

    A good question for further research is: To what extent will all the food fish in the ocean be farmed and managed? And who should be responsible?

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    Well, fish farms prevent the extinction of wild fish who may be overfished. As freedsmooth mentioned this question is indeed a good question for a school paper because depending on which perspective you are coming from farming fish could be seen as a good idea or a bad idea. I have heard some argue that fish farming is an unethical idea because they fish are victims who do no get to really live but are just raised to be killed. I have read articles arguing that it is animal cruelty.

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