Do you think Facebook is guilty of greenwashing by calling their new data center green when it runs on electricity generated from coal?




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    At first glance, this does seem to be greenwashing. However, the company is pledging to do many things to lower their carbon footprint. Only time will tell how green the company really ends up being, but it can’t be called greenwashing just yet.

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    Great question, jasperramsey.  This is a very interesting topic, and I am glad you posted that article as reference, as I was not aware of this issue.  I think it is hard to say one way or the other, really.  FB claims their greenness because they are getting power from this particular company that is a leading company for greenness, but the company still uses coal also.  I think ones reaction depends on how much we want to scrutinize companies use of the term green.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that the are greenwashing as bad as some companies. Perhaps they should just say that their new data center is “more green,” and leave it at that.



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    Good question.  If Facebook has shown us anything, it is that it only acts in its own best interests. It follows some popular trends while also setting trends.  In this case, it wants to identify with the green movement, but it seems like they are only meeting environmentalists halfway.  Indeed, they are using the green term loosely, and while they are not completely lying, they are not completely green either.  It’s always good to question motives and campaigns, even when you are in accordance with it.

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