Do you think extremely hot weather works to the advantage of climate change people trying to prove that climate change exists?



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    Ithink regardless of what we do the earth is getting warmer.I watched a show on discovery where scientists said the sun is getting hotter and eventually we will be toast. We do contribute to rises in temperature due to our pollutions.I think the worst problem is the diseases we face from industry and that is what depletes the ozone.hope this helps:) 

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    Yes, just because people are more likely to believe that the planet is warming when they’re experiencing hot weather.

    It’s tricky because while global warming will lead to more hot weather on average, no single weather event can be attributed to global warming.  So while you can say that there are more record hot weather events because of global warming, you can’t say that a heat wave in Dallas on July 3rd is due to global warming.  You can only say that global warming made the heat wave more likely to happen.

    However, a lot of people don’t understand these sorts of nuances.  They think if their weather is cold, the planet isn’t warming.  So if their weather is hot, they’re more likely to believe that it is warming.

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