Do you think exporting coal is a good or bad idea?

I think its a good idea personally, especially if we can tax it somehow and correctly use that tax money to help build a renewable energy infrastructure. Not sure if its possible though.



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    It sounds like you are asking for an opinion on what is a fairly charged ethical issue. Exporting coal can certainly help keep coal miners working, which is good for the economy. However, coal is not a “green” energy source, and exporting it could be seen as exporting polution to other countries. Will profits from exports be used in an eco-friendly way that will balance out the potential destruction of the coal being exported? Would the importer of the coal buy it from someone else anyway if we were not to supply it? There are a lot of factors to consider.

    Personally, I think that exporting a pollutant is just as bad as using that pollutant here, environmentally speaking. Economically, it might be a good idea, but environmentally, it appears to be quite a different issue.


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    The US already exports a lot of coal – about 40 million tons through the first half of 2010 – to at least 40 countries, so it’s not as if the idea is something new.

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