Do you think that EV’s can ever make up a significant portion of our car market?



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    Electric vehicles could certainly become a significant part of our transportation fleet if prover investment is put into infrastructure that would support these vehicles. Professor Willett Kempton of the University of Delaware is trying to work with the US Postal Service to bring charging stations to post offices around the nation. This could certainly make an electric fleet quite feasible.

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    Yes, I think that in the years to come the electric vehicle market will grow immensely because people are becoming far more green-minded and willing to use alternative energy vehicles.  There is immense research and investment by a lot of the major car companies going into producing electric vehicles, so their price will drop and their quality will increase making it feasible for the average person to own an electric vehicle.  A lot of the major cities are talking about putting in charging ports in their cities so that people can charge their electric vehicles.  Until the idea catches on a lot, it will probably mostly be electric/gas hybrids, but eventually I think a lot of the market will switch to pure electric vehicles.

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