Do you think everything would be thrown out of whack if the blufin tuna went extinct?



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    Everything? Certainly not. But what the impact would actually be – how far reaching – we cannot know. See the answers in the link regarding mosquitoes. The interconnectedness of the ecological web is so complex, loss of any one species can have remarkable and unforeseen consequences. Or it could have no consequences. We do not know.

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    Bluefin Tuna are being pushed toward the direction of extinction due to overfishing. They feed on “smaller fish, crustaceans, squid, and eels. They will also filter-feed on zooplankton and other small organisms and have even been observed eating kelp.” If pushed to extinction, the balance will be off. It is difficult to say what effects would arise given Bluefin Tuna extinction, but it would change the aquatic environment, especially for their prey. 

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    The extinction of the bluefin tuna would have far-reaching repercussions for the ecological balance of its habitat. “United Nations warned that excessive fishing will continue to deteriorate marine ecosystems and will lead to the disappearance of fish populations.” In addition, new species may be at risk given the absence of this fish, which has been a staple of human hunting activity (for food). Overfishing will not cease once the bluefin tuna is gone forever – a new fish may be the prime target and that loss will alter the ecosystem even further.

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