Do you think that every store that uses plastic bags for your purchased itemd should also offer a drop off place for recycling them? I have always wished that our people in Washington would make it a law to do so. If you use….plan to RE-use. anon39396



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    The problem with laws restricting people’s “freedoms,” is that the people aren’t making the changes themselves, they’re being TOLD to by the government. Sometimes I think laws like the one you suggest are great when people want it, but to suggest that people be forced to change their habits through new laws makes me cringe just a little inside.

    If the grocery store where you shop regularly doesn’t recycle plastic bags (or your curbside recycling won’t take them,) it’s worth mentioning it to the manager or corporate office- YOU have the power in your hands as a loyal customer! Then once you’ve done that, stop using plastic bags completely! They’re petroleum based, which means we’re continuing our over-consumption of oil every time we say, “plastic please.” I know there’s a debate whether paper or plastic is better, but if you HAD to choose between the two, choose paper- Atleast it comes from a renewable resource (but still takes energy to make and causes some deforestation.) What to do about this dilemma? Every time you go shopping, pick up one of those cloth bags for 99 cents, and pretty soon you’ll have plenty for all your shopping needs. I used to forget mine all the time when I first got some, but now it’s second nature to bring them with me. It feels really good to- to do it myself instead of Big Brother telling me to!

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