Do you think eventually everything will be powered by biofuels or by green energy?



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    I think green energy will be predominant. Biofuels required the use of both land and water to develop, and additional procedures to convert to fuel. He have diminishing amounts of land and water needed for the production of biofuel originators, mainly grain. There is already competition between whether grains (such as those used for ethanol production) should be used for fuel production or food, and we have scarcities in both. As populations grow, we lose more land and more water and biofuels will be harder to produce. Green energy uses physical power (wind, sunlight, hydroelectric) to produce direct clean energy. That’s my 2 cents.

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    Eventually, simply by necessity. Oil, natural gas, and coal, the predominant sources of energy today, are limited resources. Many analysts think we have already reached peak oil, and we may run out in as little as fifty years. We have more natural gas and coal, but those too will dwindle in the next few centuries. Then, our only choices will be renewable energies like biofuels, solar, and wind. We should hope, though, that we phase out fossil fuels much sooner than that, because they are causing global warming which will likely prove catastrophic if it goes unchecked.

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