Do you think the environment would be better if we legalized marijuana?



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    I think that there are legitimate environmental reasons to legalize marijuana. Today, American growers of marijuana, which is a big industry as California’s leading crop, produce it secretly, often in remote forest regions of national forests, thereby altering land that should be protected and preserved. Because the production is illegal, growers are not bound to environmental agricultural rules. Were marijuana to be legalized, its production could be better regulated to reduce environmental impact. Growers would not have to produce in protected or remote areas. I think that customers would also be able to buy the crop locally, thereby reducing long-distance transportation. Still, I think it’s questionable that we should want to convert more land to cropland just to produce something that isn’t necessary for food/survival.

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    Also, an enormous amount of energy and money go into the war on marijuana. Planes, helicopters, vehicles, office buildings, task forces ect. all use energy. If we no longer need all these resources to combat the illegal marijuana trade, there would undoubtedly be environmental benefits. 

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    However it triggers psychotic behaviour in certain individuals – maybe if scientists ran DNA on individuals and then allowed those “safe” from psychotic behaviour to use it


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