Do you think that the environment has rights?



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    No, in that “rights” are an idea that humans have thought up; the environment was around longer than us, encompasses us, and isn’t bound by our rules and laws. Rather than their rights, I would say reason to protect the organisms surrounding us is that they protect us, by creating an environment in which we can survive.

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    No, the environment doesn’t have rights, nor does it technically need to be protected.  Human activity is changing the environment in ways that will hurt human’s existence.  The environment, the planet has constantly changed over it’s billions of years of existence, and it will continue to adapt and survive.  It is us humans that will get hurt in the long run.

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    The environment clearly does not have rights or we would not be in the situation that we are currently in.  I think that instead the environment has privileges; at least this seems to be the mindset of human kind.  The environment is treated fairly when it is convenient for us, and when it is not then it is not really cared for.  Rights are something that an object has no matter what, which obviously is not the case for the environment.

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    I think people have rights to live in an environment that is as clean as possible and not deteriorating.

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    The environment does not have rights and people must live in the environment as it is, change will occur as it always has, whether it is human caused or natural climate change.  If humans want any portion of the current environmental state to be stable for any length of time, they will have to take responsibility for their actions and impacts.  Knowing that this may help for a period of time, but that the planet and environment will continue to change whether or not humans continue to exist as a species on the planet.

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    While the environment doesn’t have rights per say, humans have an ethical responsibility to protect it and conserve its resources.  Protection and conservation are fundamental values of the modern environmental movement.  

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    Even though the environment doesn’t have rights, I think it is important to treat the environment as if it does. Just because it doesn’t have rights doesn’t mean that people should be allowed to abuse its resources. 

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