Do you think that the environment is better off now than when Obama became president?



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    In terms of a global context, no I would not consider the environment “better off.”  Observing the ever-rising levels of greenhouse gases shows that environmental conditions will be affected as a result of this rise.  That being said, the actions of President Obama’s administration may or may not have an effect on the environment–we cannot know if Obama’s actions are helping or hurting since the effects of those actions will not be seen right away.  Nevertheless, the attached article regarding his first 100 days shows that in terms of environmentalism, Obama is pushing for environmental action, regarding greenhouse gases a threat to society.  That being said, while I do not feel that currently the environment is in any better of a condition than the “pre-Obama” era, I do feel that some of the right gears have been put into motion for ecological improvement.

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    At least the president acknowledges Global Warming and the need for environmental activism.  The president before him didn’t believe in the “science.”  Obama’s policies are targeted at investment, and those things take substantial time to show any signs of progress.

    In my own experience his tax credits have helped my home become much more energy efficient.

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    The environment may be better off. Since Obama and his administration has called attention to the issues, it has become a commercialized topic. Americans are deeply moved by commercialism. People are now more aware and more willing to do things that are good for the environment. It has essentially created new environmental activists and that most certainly will be better for the environment in the long run. The more people involved in changing things, the more that can be done. In past administrations I have not known the issue to be so widely discussed.

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    Climate change is not a night and day process. Two years of the Obama presidency is not enough time to make a difference either way. I think the public is becoming more environtmentally aware due effects of climate change and progressive politics.

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