Do you think by the end of our lifetime there will be no ice in the arctic during the summer?



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    The National Resources Defense Council reports that the Arctic may experience totally ice-free summers by the end of the century, so, yes, within some of our lifetimes. Warming rates have been increasing exponentially over the past century, leaving scientists with uncertainty as to how global warming is affecting ice and temperatures in the arctic.

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    Yes, I think many of us may see a summer where the Arctic has no ice. Unfortunately I feel like most people will only become concerned about it once it starts to affect them: so once we see the negative effects of a rising sea level.

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    It could be….but i also think it’s possible that the melting could slow down.  With varied weather patterns we’re also seeing cooler temperatures and worse storms than usual, so it doesn’t always have to continue as a warming trend and ultimately melt all the ice.

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