Do you think that employees or employers have a bigger role to play in a company going green?



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    It depends on the situation.  The employer may have more authority to create and enforce green policies, he may also have access to information about the amount of waste created by the business that employees do not have, making her/him a better candidate to do something about the situation.

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    For a given company, more of a difference can be made per person at the employer level — directing funds, making green decisions, implementing green policies — but there are far more employees than employers.  If every employee in every company did his or her best to use less power, recycle, ride a bike to work, etc., the difference in most cases made by employees would be greater than that made by employers.

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    I think each level plays an important role.  Though they are different in their impact, each is significant and therefore can’t be weighed more greatly than another.  As mentioned above, the employer has the authority to implement programs, and the individual maintains a responsibility to uphold policies set forth.  A lot of times though, the employer is so busy focusing on a variety of management and leadership issues, that opportunities can go unnoticed.  If the employees take it upon themselves to recognize areas that can be improved, suggestions often times amount to changes that are made. 

    Employers and employees share a dynamic role shaping green efforts.

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