Do you think embryonic stem cell research should be funded by the federal government?

My personal belief is that it should because it seems like there is so much potential to cure diseases and injuries, however, I do understand it is a controversial subject.



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    Boy, HERE’S an ethical mess! It seems you are asking for an opinion, so at the risk of receiving hundreds of angry e-mails from those with opposing views, here goes.

    On the one hand, embryonic stem cell research so far has shown some excellent results.

    On the other hand, there are objections stating that adult stem cells can be used in similar ways, so there is no need to use embryonic stem cells. This argument is usually asserted by those with strong right-to-life views.

    Removing all those ethics from the issue, I think that if it shows so much promise, then there should be private companies willing to put money toward the research. Unfortunately, many are not willing to do this because they fear they would not be able to reap all the financial benefits before the technology becomes so mainstream that a particular company no longer has the “corner on the market” so to speak.

    So, weighing all the factors, ethical and financial, I think that more research needs to be done on whether adult stem cells can be as efficacious as embryonic stem cells. Then, we will have enough information to make an informed decision in regards to funding.

    But, that is my opinion.

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      hi xmanmonk, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I was indeed looking for an opinion. I’m very interested in hearing people’s thoughts on this subject. It is so controversial and I understand why people are so passionate about it. thanks again!

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      Thanks for your comment. I hope my answer was useful. This is the kind of topic that can really ignite emotions in many people.

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    My belief is that it should as long as its not harming fertile embryos and is productive in finding cures for diseases where science has taken some dead ends.

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    I attended a lecture about 1 and a half years ago that was given by a major researcher of umbilical cord stem cells.  In fact, his children were the first to have their cord blood banked.  Anyway, according to him, umbilical cord stem cells show significantly better results than embryonic stem cells.  Treatements with embryonic stem cells have resulted in tumor growths, for example.  Yet, there have literally been zero negative side affects from cord blood stem cells.  Basically, the worst that could happen is that they don’t change your condition.  And most of the results were astounding!

    So based on that lecture I attended, I think that we should focus our research on the more promising and much less controversial cord blood stem cells.

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    I was also given a lecture just two quarters ago. There are actually major break throughs in stem cell extraction from the umbilical cord that are donated by new mothers all over the nation. In fact, it seems to be the lucky break that researchers wanted. Before I left that afternoon from my lecture, my professor asked all of us to go out and spread the word. So make sure to donate your umbilical cord if your for the cause, they will be thrown away and wasted anyway–consider the possibilities. 

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    I think it should certainly be monitored and regulated by the federal government. There should be room for both public and private funding of stem cell research.

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