Do you think that Electric Vehicles should get preferred parking at malls and other destinations?



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    I certainly think it would incentivize people into getting electric cars.  However, there is some controversy surrounding the electric car, as some claim that electric cars can actually accelerate global warming.  I believe we need to ensure that if electric cars were truly to become the most reliable, green-vehicle alternative, they would have to come from energy sources that do not depend on “dirty” fuel, such as coal-powered plants, or natural gas powered plants for which “fracking” is required.  See the link, and video below for more information.

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    No, I don’t think that they should get preferred parking. That is like favoring economic privilege over other people who might also legitimately care about the environment and their impact, but are simply not in a position to purchase a new vehicle, let along an electric one. According to, the least expensive electric is the Honda Civic Hatchback at $18,200, while standard engine four-door sedans are priced more affordable from less than $10,000 to just under $20,000. For families and individuals on a budget, the electric vehicles are not a feasible option, so preferred parking in undemocratic.

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    NO………..a thousand times NO. We live in a society where we are all supposed to be equal and the first thing we do is create special classes of people. Using government or social policy to influence behavior DOES NOT WORK. Centuries of failed government experiments from prohibition, the war on drugs, and our completely misguided tax policy have all failed to achieve the desired goal. Worse yet, they have created unintended NEGATIVE consequences.

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