Do you think that electric cars will ever be cheap enough to compete with economy sized cars?



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    Similar recent questions have addressed this. “Ever” is long enough that anything can compete with anything else, but electric cars are competing with economy cars right now. It is not something so simple – marketing, market forces, and peoples’ wants, desires, and budgets all mean some people buy electric cars and some buy economy cars.

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    I think that eventually that yes, at least some electric cars will be able to compete with economy sized cars (and be targeted at those who drive them).  However, the current trend seems to be that electric cars, at least in the United States, will continue to increase in price as new models get released.  For instance, the 2012 Nissan Leaf model will bump it’s price up by $2,420, for a grand total of $36,050.

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    Yes, after a good amount of time has passed, the electric will eventually level out with the price of conventional cars. Due to the installation of special “charge stations” at stores such as Vons, Costco, or any convenience store that will have those stations to charge an electric car it may take a while to get them up and running, but eventually, slowly but surely they will level out. The price of the car may not seem like that big of a factor to some people given the value of the car and the cost it will save them over time—an advantage of having an electric car is that it has a lesser impact in terms of pollution than a gasoline powered car. Also, charging an electric car is more economically sound than fueling a gasoline-fueled car as the latter is six times more expensive.

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