Do you think that electric bikes can take the place of small commuter cars?



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    I think that in some places this can be a viable alternative, however in a lot of cities it rains and snows in the winter so they would probably only be useful in the summer and fall. I’m not sure that people in these cities would want to purchase a commuter car for the winter, and an electric bike for the other months. I think better public transportation is a more realistic option and could really lead to big changes in our transportation system and its associated environmental impact. 

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    Public transportation or carpooling are the best ways to get people where they have to go (obviously the greener the public trans / car is, the better). Motorcycles / bikes seem more energy efficient., but they can only hold one, maybe two people at most, so they pale in comparison to a car with 5 people, or a bus with 40.

    Bikes and motorcycles also cannot be driven in bad weather conditions like the pervious poster pointed out, and some people do not feel secure riding in something that has no frame around them.

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    It depends on the area. If the area is prone to bad weather, like rainy Seattle, I think people would prefer to be under cover. I know that bike riding has increased since the price of gas has gone up. However, I think the majority of Americans would rather have an electric or hybrid car before they would consider an electric bike. If anything, maybe an electric smart car would be a nice middle ground. 

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