Do you think the Eiffel tower will ever be fitted with LED lights?



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    I hope so.  LED lights can give the same amount of lighting for around 15 times lower energy costs.  Since the Eiffel Tower has 20 thousand bulbs it could be quite the energy saving maneuver to exchange them for the more energy efficient LEDs.  And who knows, maybe they could even sell the old bulbs to tourists.  I found an article discussing another green measure made by the company subcontracted to run the Eiffel Tower.  They decided in 2000 to half the time the bulbs are illuminated (200 hrs per year rather than 400 hours).  They are on the right track, and will hopefully do more to reduce the Tower’s footprint.

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    I’m sure it will happen very soon.  Green is now becoming trendy all over the world.  putting LED lights on the tower would be great PR for not only the monument, but for Paris, and even France as a whole.  Everyone wins! 

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    I’m very optimistic that it will.  France is one of the countries that is on the cutting edge of green technology and implementation.  It would be a great statement for such an iconic building to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly.  I certainly hope that it will soon! 

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