Do you think that education is the most important part of sustainability?



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    I do! I think this is the single most important thing that can be done to ensure a sustainable future. Unless people really understand why they should recycle or why renewable energy is the way we should be going, then they will not truly support these things. With education, people can understand our impact on the environment, and how and why we should be working towards a greener future. 

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    If education is not the most important aspect, then funding is.  

    If we can allocate funding to support sustainable development, technology, programs, and education (it fits in here also!), then we can promote sustainability as a positive economic investment in our communites, society, and world.

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    Definitely!  People need to fully understand current state of the environment before they can make any positive, eco-friendly changes in their lives.  I think education is the first step towards achieving a global level of sustainability.  It’s cliche, but knowledge really is power.  

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    Yes, education is the most important part of sustainability.  Sadly, too many people now are “set in their ways”; it’s far more likely that the next generation of leaders and citizens can make a real environmental difference.

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    YES, obviously.

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