Do you think that an economy built without being fueled by coal will be a stronger more stable one?



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    Yes definitely. Stability on top of being strong requires the population and the earth to be satisfied. Humans depend on the earth to survive and must begin to take care of it. If human beings take care of the earth with alternative fuel sources, than the earth will take care of humans. This will provide stability for the country and economy in the end. 

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    I also concur. In Doug Fine’s Farewell, My Subaru , He speaks about the importance of stability green economic reforms may bring. One particular ides I would like to highlight involves price stabilization. Taking out a staple good that is a high cost in the average household might assist the economy in lowering the level of inflation. We haven’t finished the current business cycle, so inflation is rampant right now.

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    While I think an economy supplied by non-coal powered energy sources sounds ideal, I don’t think it’s realistic in the near future.  Although coal is dirty and finite, I sadly believe we will strip as much of it as we can from our mines before we face the fact that we must develop another sustainable source of energy.  Because the technology to support our market’s energy demand on renewable resources is not currently available (cost prohibitors, tecnological setbacks, unknown variables), I can’t say your ideal, proposed economy would be stable

    I do think, in the long run, it would be much stronger though, particularly if the country had exclusive access to the technology needed to build such a place and could export it to other countries. 

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