Do you think that the economic recession will cause people to permanently change their consumption habits?



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    The economic recession alone is not enough to cause people to permanently change their consumption habits. If the changes in habit are due solely to the economic conditions, once they improve, the people who changed their habits already once will probably do so again as well. However, those who may change their habits for economic reasons in conjunction with other reasons, such as environmental consciousness, will be more likely to stand by their decision.

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    For some people, yes, I believe the most recent economic recession is enough to change their consumption habits permanently. I know it has had an effect of a lot of people temporarily, and that many of those people will return to their normal consumption habits when things turn back around, but for other people, it will make them more cautious and conservative in their acts of consumption. Think about all those who lived through the Great Depression and how that experience changed their outlooks on consumption.

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    I think the effect will and has been minimal. The United States is a consumption culture. We are constantly told by all forms of communications to consume. It will be a slow decrease and will take a lifestyle change by large portions of society to decrease the consumption rates.

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