Do you think that eating local or eating organic would have a better impact on the environment?



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    I think you have to weigh up both options and decide on what is best in the situation. Buying locally helps to support the local economy and ensures that local produce is always available to you. Buying organic, in most forms, is better for the environment and for you. However, if the organic produce you are buying is from a country miles away, you have to weigh in the transportation factors and the fact that not all organic produce is created equal. What constitutes as organic may not always live up to the qualities/ work practices you consider organic, even though the USDA may constitute the food as organic. In this sense, the best idea is to research the companies you regularly buy organic produce from. Make sure their practices live up to your standards and if they don’t then I would suggest going local. If you buy local food, from a farmer’s market for example, then you can ask the farmer how they are growing their food. You might find that their practices are considered organic by your standards even if they don’t have the organic stamp on them. Going local and organic is always the best choice for yourself and for the planet. 

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