Do you think that the east coast is greener than the west coast?



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    Not particularly, having experienced both. There are people devoted to positive environmental change everywhere. And there is real progress occurring as a result which will hopefully bring our nation as a whole into a more responsible environmental role.

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    It’s been recently reported that the west coast beats out the east coast when it comes to selecting the greenest universities. The Journal of Commerce also reports that west coast ports made the lowest carbon footprint as of May 2009.

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    Having lived on both coasts I would say they both have their own ways of being green. The west coast has more of an opportunity to be green since development is still taking place. The east coast on the other hand, in many areas, is already saturated with development and there aren’t as many opportunities for new/green development. Since many buildings are old, some from the 17th century, the majority of buildings and home are not green.

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    The above answer is very accurate in my opinion. But I would say the West Coast is more environmentally involved due to the fact that the west is commonly more recreationally active. Also since most of the west has not been developed, precedence from the East Coast can be taken to learn what solutions work and which ones dont.

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