do you think that earth day will gain popularity every year?



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    At some point it will level off. But the way I see things going, that’s not going to be for a very long time… Until after we’ve made some very big changes—and the problem of protecting the earth from environmental damage no longer becomes an issue—so maybe 100 years from now, if we’ve got all the science figured out and the major contributors that cause the environment’s degradation (all the various forms of pollution, littering, waste disposal [nuclear + landfill], non-sustainable development and manufacturing practices, and, of course, fossil fuel production/use) and causes of destruction are eliminated, maybe then (probably it will take more like 200 – 300 years) less people will become concerned about the environment and human health impacts of our actions, because it will just be taken care of. But until that day, I believe more and more informed, intelligent Humans Are going to become More Active in doing their part and protecting the environment. I will celebrate Earth Day until the day I die, and I believe that in the future it will not be forgotten, it will be a celebrated world-wide holiday for the rest of humankind’s history! (if I’m president, everyone gets the day off, but we’re not going to use any cars or electricity or create smoke on April 22nd either—and the earth might finally get to take a sigh of relief! and we will be better off because our actions will be remembered by those who will still have a nice, clean loving Earth to take care of them! instead of a barren wasteland stricken by violent storms and angry clouds) Sike, I don’t know what’s gunna happen; I just hope it continues to gain popularity and more and more people begin to respect the Earth and find better ways of living because of what environmental activists are doing. And the most important thing to remember right now is that it’s not too hard to do the right thing anymore, and just recycle or buy the energy efficient light-bulb and turn off appliances when they aren’t being used—it pays you right back in the end! Karma?)…

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    Definitely. I think the more education and activism about Earth Day and environmental issues will continue to promote Earth Day.

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