Do you think that e-readers will replace books someday?



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    My personal opinion is that if they do, it will be VERY far in the future. Even now, e-readers are somewhat popular, but far from widespread. People like to have physical books to read. There’s something sort of emotional/comfortable about it. It would take at least a generation of screen-readers to completely grow up for books to disappear, but I still don’t think it will happen even then.

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    No I do not think they will replace books completely. Reading from e-readers could be damaging to people eyes (although there is not any conclusive research because it is a new technology so we do not know the long term effects of using an e-reader). As the previous poster mentioned, a lot of people simply prefer to read out of books so the demand will probably always be there. Lastly, paper comes from trees which is a renewable resource so as long as we are responsible with how much replant trees we cut down, there is no environmental reason to want to completely get rid of books.

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